Red Velvet Frappuccino

The next time I have a quick drink in Starbucks, I know this will be my next cold beverage choice: The Red Velvet Frappuccino (Red Tuxedo).

  • Half White Chocolate/Half regular Mocha Frappuccino
  • Raspberry syrup
  • Blend
  • Whipped cream on top














Whenever I go to somewhere like Starbucks or Costa, I do like to mix my drinks up a little bit, especially my iced/smoothie based drinks.
I tend to add flavours like cherry, strawberry, raspberry or orange.

The last time I ordered such a drink, it was instantly a hit. I gave Luke and his housemate a try and they both fell in love, especially Luke. He knew it tasted of what I thought it did… A strawberry creme chocolate from thee family favourite Quality Street tin!

I initially ordered a Chocolate Cream Frappuccino with an extra shot of strawberry syrup.

I took a sip and my taste buds just went a little crazy… I highly recommend it, if your favourite is the strawberry creme chocolate.

The next time, I’m trying orange. Who knows… It could be just like the orange creme.


Happy Galentines

I doubt many of you know but it is GALENTINES DAY! This means it’s the day for you gals’ celebrating the single life and celebrating lady friends: The day of Ovaries before brovaries.
I spent the day pampering myself and bought myself a pretty nightwear vest that was on sale and did a greedy and got myself a KFC. I hope you girls out there made your day special and treat yourselves.

Of course the reference is from Parks and Recreation –


But tomorrow is actually VALENTINES DAY… And I do have a Valentines this year. My brilliant boyfriend, Luke. Now it’s still new between us, we’ve been dating for three months but ‘officially’ together for two months. We’re very much getting to know each other and it’s all shiny and fresh.
The very point I’m making is that this is a real real valentines for me. I’ll be spending the ‘holiday’ with somebody I love and want to spend that time with. I feel sort of bad as I’ve not got his gift for him yet, but he will have one. Of course. It’d be rude for him not to have a valentines gift from his own girlfriend. But we’re making the day special anyhow in our own way and I wouldn’t change that in any way.

Okay, so Happy Galentines and Valentines!

The main part of this post is what I’m focusing on: My new illustrations.
They’re quite naff right now: They both need more detail and attention, some TLC. Some umph. I don’t know if you can tell or not but I’ll leave you guessing and maybe you could comment and say who you think they are supposed to be? – That’d make me feel a whole lot better… If the guess is right, of course!


Christina Hendricks Draft

Other side projects in my life

Intermission 020p

Intermission 004p

I’m currently sorting through the photos I’d taken a few weeks ago at DaoFilm’s ‘Intermission’ shoot for the behind-the-scene takes and I’ve plugged my Facebook Project page ( to my Tumblr blog so then I thought… Hey! Why don’t I plug myself and the film project i’m apart of on my personal blog… So here I am, doing just that.

If you go along to DaoFilm International‘s Facebook page, you can read and see more about the project if you want more information on the shorty and what else DaoFilm does as a team.

But right now I will explain the randomness of this post right here:

So back in September time (if I remember correctly) my friend Shaun mentioned his brother’s film project and he referred me to Matthew. Matt hitched me up with a small two part position in the making of ‘In Hindsight’, a short film about bullying – I took some behind the scene photos and was the voice of the Interviewer in the videos, which can be found on this channel:

Then Matt asked if I’d like to be apart of his team again for the second upcoming film ‘Intermission’, which, right now… Is in process of being finished. We shot the film a few weeks back and it was a lot of fun and something different for everybody involved. Again… You can find out about this on the DaoFilm’s Facebook page linked above.

I’ll post more about the project another day… it’s ten to twelve in the evening and everybody that knows me will agree that I’m turning into an old lady and may need a zimmer frame… I’m twenty-two and go to bed stupidly early. Also… I am starving and craving a fruit scone and to do some reading of Dean Koontz before bed.

So, I’m out, au revoir!

Where did 2013 go to?

I haven’t written a post on here since the middle of November. That seems like way away.

So I think a ‘two month and a quarter’ Instagram picture post is needed to be the main highlight of this post.

So November is when I met the most wonderful guy, started my job, got onto the course I want to be doing, December was the month I traditionally did my Christmas gift shopping trips, spent time with the boyfriend, worked more, did some work on the film projects, did some illustrations, celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve and then finally January is the month where filming for the second project and commitment to making myself progress started.

Untitlednov13 dec13 jan14 christmas

Wishlist and craves #1

This afternoon I went into my workplace and picked up my first rota sheet. Now I know the hours I’m working, how many in total and how much I’ll be getting, it makes it much easier for me to make my plans etc.
To get me started with the excitement, this is a quick wishlist (I dig wishlists!):

  • My first tattoo
  • Another new piercing to add to my ears
  • Dark tones under my hair
  • A tartan blazer/long sleeve/jumper
  • … A lava lamp
  • A ticket to go and see ‘McBusted’ – (I’m totally against them together (kind of… maybe… no, I’m not totally sure)


The coming of new places

I’m back: I’ve not written anything or made a plan for a post in the last two weeks – I’ve just been living, doing things outside of the media/internet world and have been doing things that have turned me into a busy bee.
To sum it up:

  • I have had three different job interviews, been invited to come for interviews, had a college interview.
  • Clean and natural eating schedule.
  • Went on a wonderful date.
  • Catch up with friends.
  • Got offered a place at college.
  • Received an offer for a job.
  • Caught up on reading.



I’ve literally just now on my Facebook dashboard come across this picture quote supposedly said by the greatest comedian actor, Simon Pegg. A friend of mine posted it, not needing to state that he, is a proud Geek’atron of whatever he adores. He is proud, and that is what everyone should be proud of… being so passionate about something that you just aren’t afraid to express your love for that particular thing.

Now ‘that particular thing’ could be a television show, a series of films, a game, a company, a magazine, a band, figurines, a novel, a world-class artist, a particular era… gosh, it could even be a piece of food… an example… Reece’s Peanut Butter cuppies. (Hint., hint and a little bit of drooling involved…)

Oh darn it! I could give you guys so many geek moments I have had and do have but I could be typing for days and my fingers would probably just drop off: So I’ll give you lot a few examples:

  • McFly – A band if you may not know… If you do know who they are, you’ll know why I’m a huge McGeek. – I have all of their albums, I’ve been to their concerts, I know every word to every single song and even B-Sides, I watch anything they show up on and I just love McFriday… (Radio1 and Chris Moyles had a McFly day on a Friday.)
  • TV shows such as Glee (my biggest cringe worthy geek momentum), True Blood, Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy and many, many more.
  • Coffee Shops – I’ve been into the whole coffee culture since I started visiting places by myself as a young teen. At fifteen I would sit by myself before meeting friends, with a coffee and a book and I’d get down and cozy with that coffee. I adore coffee, I have a Starbucks poster board on my wall, in the house we have a huge variety of coffees, I worked at two coffee shops, coffee cake, coffee biscuits, coffee chocolate, the smell of coffee, when anybody mentions the word “coffee” and the fact me and my Mother have a five-year-plan to own a coffee shop. I’M A COFFEE GEEK.

So they were my three examples.

What I’m saying is basically… it does not matter who you are, what gender you are and most importantly HOW OLD YOU ARE to what you majorly geek over.

I believe in just being who you are no matter what anybody believes!