Nine PM and my first entry

I’ve blogged many a time before. For example, I’ve had many different try-outs with blogging since I was around fourteen years old – Using blogging sites like Tumblr (most recent and used the longest), LiveJournal, Xanga, Blogger and a few I cannot name as I just cannot remember.
Starting with my adoration of the media, namely photography, I would post images from many websites that inspired me that day, I’d take my own photos and upload them, I’d be writing about my feelings and doings that day, upload music videos from the current song I’d be unwinding to and sometimes I’d post pieces of writing that would also grasp my attention. Mostly from studying English Literature… But I really was interested in the poems and novels – So all of the mentioned material would go up on my blog/blogs and I’d go back to them a few months later and just smile at the silly things I would have written or that television show I loved at that time.

Well what my aim is now, is to put together a ‘real’ blog, a blog where I can still express my creativity and feelings of the week or so, but also to show my readers what I’ve been upto in the bubble of my creative life.
I’ll be posting about my photography, film projects I’ve been apart of plus photoshoots I’ll hopefully be putting together in the next few months. So I do hope you stay and keep up with what will be.

Also, I apologise for my non-interesting writing-blogging skills for the moment, I’m getting some blogging techniques from

906421_506424252796848_2137230299_oI’ll leave you with an example of a select photograph I had taken last Saturday from an interview session with the film project crew!


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