Leeloo – The Fifth Element


Good evening readers. For the last two hours I’ve been doodling on my recently new Graphics Tablet and came up with drawing Leeloo from The Fifth Element, the scene where she discovers the camera. She’s super cute and I had to attempt to draw her. The next time I do doodle her you’ll have a portrait version! Just trying to get used to it all.

What do you fellow illustrators think of this?


8 thoughts on “Leeloo – The Fifth Element

    1. It’s from a company called Trust and it’s called FlexPaper Design Tablet. Thank you jessieymcgee, I’ve seen your illustrations and I love them. Oh, also I went to De Montfort!

      1. Oh I have seen these type of things before, my dad had one years ago, because he likes to buy new technology. I suspect the tech has improved since then, because I never quite got the hang of it. Oh wow. What did you study? When did you graduate?

      2. Ah, same with me, my Brother and my Dad… We seem to be interested in all the up-coming gadgets, hah. Yeah it’s really smooth when drawing with the digi-pen.
        I studied Film Studies and Media and Communication, I left, sadly. I see you did Media and something else along side?

  1. Fun illustration ! Sorry to geek out totally here, but that’s not a camera! Thats the little gizmo that puts her make up on in one scene. See the channel logo? 😉 (That movie is a fave of mine!) x

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