Some productive Sunday

Not posting in a week has made me want to post something! Unfortunately nothing amazing happened in the past week. I’ve been helping at the coffee shop, looking for a job, planning things and catching up on television and also have been a little ill.

The most dissapointing thing that did happen yesterday was that… Me and three of some of my good friends traveled two hours to go to an event that was run by the UK Ghost Nights hosts – We were going to be taking part in a six hour ghost hunt at a property called Moira Furnace which happens to have a lot of activity. Our friend had brought a EMF reader and a spirit box he’d borrowed from another friend. We were well prepared and so very exstatic to even be there, behind the gate, to go into the place.
It turned out that the staff had been trying to get in contact with the owner of the Furnace and they couldn’t reach the lady – She never turned up. We had our plans destroyed.

We didn’t have a back up plan, so we headed back home, stopping off at a deserted service station/centre kind of place. Had a coffee and chats for two hours and these random men overheard our conversation on the supernatural and questioning religion, came to us and asked if they could join in. It was so strange! But quite liberating… As the men were believers of God, Christians… They didn’t do what we usually experience, they didn’t sternly say “God is the only one, you need to believe in him, he is the one…”. They were very open and honest, so were me and my friends.

We then left, headed to our town and went to a new pub we’ve not discovered yet. Coop had heard some 80’s music and suggested we go there as it’s somewhere new (He’s a big, big lover of the 80’s music scene). We’re glad we went… Seeing sights of drunk Mansfieldians (I made this word up… it’s what I call people from one of the towns near us) in some badly made and some impressive Halloween costumes and a random guy peeing  in front of quite a fair lot of people.
But we had a real laugh and we all enjoyed our what-turned-out-a-bad-night-to-a-good-night evening.

Some highlights of my week as well as:

  • My Mother surprising me with a Harry Potter bracelet
  • Having a brilliant day at work
  • Going clothes shopping with my Mother and Brother
  • Seeing some old friends on Friday evening
  • Receiving some new tops from my Brother – Halo, The Big Bang Theory and a Tetris top
  • Seeing around fifty jobs being advertised




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