Creative vices and professions

The last week I’ve been in a bit of a rut with what I really do want when it comes to my life, and not anybody else. I have always thought that I do do things for myself though really I feel as if lately, I’ve just been making my family happy. Mostly my Mum. What I’m really getting at is, I’ve been saying yes to most things my parents have suggested and gone with the ideas.

So last Tuesday I really had a think after a long chat with my Mum and Grandmother at the coffee shop, about what I want and only what I want. What I think will help me progress and how to use the best of my creative and communication skills.

I jotted down the things I’ve been thinking about within the last year… the things that I’ve written down, some of them are fairly creative and I’d be using my most valuable skills – Teaching, HR, working in a hospital, going into mental health and I’ve been giving it a good go at learning skills that I’ve wanted to learn in a long time (Barista skills).
However… I’d never really given it a thought about the Fashion and Beauty industry and what I could really do and where I could use my skills.
With this thought I asked my Mum about her experience with being a Hairdresser and she gave me her story. – When I was young, I remember her going to college for her degree, telling me more about it when I was a teen and even when I was around eight years old, she used me as a hair model so she could sign off a particular style. But I asked her to give me details on her experiences in depth, how the industry works and what I could do with my own skills.

She managed to get me quite excited about the thought of me learning the trade, so I went online to see what my local college offers and I signed up. I’ve researched on the different possibilities of what you can do and where you can go with the particular styling profession you’ve learned.

Doing this means down the line I can really use my creative vices, travel across the country or even to a completely different country, become my own boss, create a new kind of trade, work with big companies, have my own company, work within my comfort zone, express my imagination, visit new places, learn a huge variety of practical skills, go to fashion shows, meet amazing and influential people, teach others if I came to it, use my photography for the styles I’ve learned and created and even blog about these styles!

It’s a whole new territory I’d be going into, but an extravagant one at that!

SO, from all of this thinking and actually sending in an application, if when I go for my interview in the next few week and I get a place on the course… I’ll be starting September 2014. Which, yes is just under a whole year away… Though for now I am looking for something where I can use my creativeness and express my best to people, get more experience and to keep going.

But for now… I’ll be picking up new hairstyling skills and will be have first practices on my family and doing some research whilst looking for that job that will get me going. I’ve even, for the last few days since last Wednesday, been cutting my Brother’s hair, styling my Mother’s hair and grading my Dad’s hair… of what he has left on his head!


So aye, I am très formidable!


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