I’ve literally just now on my Facebook dashboard come across this picture quote supposedly said by the greatest comedian actor, Simon Pegg. A friend of mine posted it, not needing to state that he, is a proud Geek’atron of whatever he adores. He is proud, and that is what everyone should be proud of… being so passionate about something that you just aren’t afraid to express your love for that particular thing.

Now ‘that particular thing’ could be a television show, a series of films, a game, a company, a magazine, a band, figurines, a novel, a world-class artist, a particular era… gosh, it could even be a piece of food… an example… Reece’s Peanut Butter cuppies. (Hint., hint and a little bit of drooling involved…)

Oh darn it! I could give you guys so many geek moments I have had and do have but I could be typing for days and my fingers would probably just drop off: So I’ll give you lot a few examples:

  • McFly – A band if you may not know… If you do know who they are, you’ll know why I’m a huge McGeek. – I have all of their albums, I’ve been to their concerts, I know every word to every single song and even B-Sides, I watch anything they show up on and I just love McFriday… (Radio1 and Chris Moyles had a McFly day on a Friday.)
  • TV shows such as Glee (my biggest cringe worthy geek momentum), True Blood, Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy and many, many more.
  • Coffee Shops – I’ve been into the whole coffee culture since I started visiting places by myself as a young teen. At fifteen I would sit by myself before meeting friends, with a coffee and a book and I’d get down and cozy with that coffee. I adore coffee, I have a Starbucks poster board on my wall, in the house we have a huge variety of coffees, I worked at two coffee shops, coffee cake, coffee biscuits, coffee chocolate, the smell of coffee, when anybody mentions the word “coffee” and the fact me and my Mother have a five-year-plan to own a coffee shop. I’M A COFFEE GEEK.

So they were my three examples.

What I’m saying is basically… it does not matter who you are, what gender you are and most importantly HOW OLD YOU ARE to what you majorly geek over.

I believe in just being who you are no matter what anybody believes!




5 thoughts on “Be a GEEK

      1. I’m not a huge fan of ‘boy bands,’ although they are talented and are lovely, down to earth boys. My course mate did artwork for their last album and tour and she always has them on in the car! Haha. I just remember having the busted album when I was younger and I think it’s odd they’re teaming up because Mcfly is loads better in my opinion! x

      2. Neither am I, aha. I’ve just followed them since they came out as a boy band.
        Ah I’d love to see that, I bet it’s awesome!
        Yep, I agree with you. I’m much more the McFly fan, though James from Busted did a lot of songwriting with Tom, and the songs are brilliant.

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