Other side projects in my life

Intermission 020p

Intermission 004p

I’m currently sorting through the photos I’d taken a few weeks ago at DaoFilm’s ‘Intermission’ shoot for the behind-the-scene takes and I’ve plugged my Facebook Project page (https://www.facebook.com/coralkarinaphotography) to my Tumblr blog so then I thought… Hey! Why don’t I plug myself and the film project i’m apart of on my personal blog… So here I am, doing just that.

If you go along to DaoFilm International‘s Facebook page, you can read and see more about the project if you want more information on the shorty and what else DaoFilm does as a team.

But right now I will explain the randomness of this post right here:

So back in September time (if I remember correctly) my friend Shaun mentioned his brother’s film project and he referred me to Matthew. Matt hitched me up with a small two part position in the making of ‘In Hindsight’, a short film about bullying – I took some behind the scene photos and was the voice of the Interviewer in the videos, which can be found on this channel: http://www.youtube.com/projectbabylonstudio

Then Matt asked if I’d like to be apart of his team again for the second upcoming film ‘Intermission’, which, right now… Is in process of being finished. We shot the film a few weeks back and it was a lot of fun and something different for everybody involved. Again… You can find out about this on the DaoFilm’s Facebook page linked above.

I’ll post more about the project another day… it’s ten to twelve in the evening and everybody that knows me will agree that I’m turning into an old lady and may need a zimmer frame… I’m twenty-two and go to bed stupidly early. Also… I am starving and craving a fruit scone and to do some reading of Dean Koontz before bed.

So, I’m out, au revoir!


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