Happy Galentines

I doubt many of you know but it is GALENTINES DAY! This means it’s the day for you gals’ celebrating the single life and celebrating lady friends: The day of Ovaries before brovaries.
I spent the day pampering myself and bought myself a pretty nightwear vest that was on sale and did a greedy and got myself a KFC. I hope you girls out there made your day special and treat yourselves.

Of course the reference is from Parks and Recreation – http://nbcparksandrec.tumblr.com/post/76482994325/say-it-again-but-slower


But tomorrow is actually VALENTINES DAY… And I do have a Valentines this year. My brilliant boyfriend, Luke. Now it’s still new between us, we’ve been dating for three months but ‘officially’ together for two months. We’re very much getting to know each other and it’s all shiny and fresh.
The very point I’m making is that this is a real real valentines for me. I’ll be spending the ‘holiday’ with somebody I love and want to spend that time with. I feel sort of bad as I’ve not got his gift for him yet, but he will have one. Of course. It’d be rude for him not to have a valentines gift from his own girlfriend. But we’re making the day special anyhow in our own way and I wouldn’t change that in any way.

Okay, so Happy Galentines and Valentines!

The main part of this post is what I’m focusing on: My new illustrations.
They’re quite naff right now: They both need more detail and attention, some TLC. Some umph. I don’t know if you can tell or not but I’ll leave you guessing and maybe you could comment and say who you think they are supposed to be? – That’d make me feel a whole lot better… If the guess is right, of course!


Christina Hendricks Draft


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