Look Up – Gary Turk (Stop your life being drained by technology.)

This video and important message actually made me shed a tear. I know it’s important that everybody that passes this message, should watch this and take it into consideration.

I was actually discussing something similar to this with my Mum and Brother yesterday, about the frustration, the ease and accessibility, the ignorance it creates and like the guy says in the video, the illusion it forms. 

Everyone, watch this darn video and live life from today a bit more fuller. I’m not suggesting everyone completely put down their mobiles/iPads/stop going on the internet altogether, but just spend more time with the ones you love like we would’ve done ten/twenty years back.

Just take a few minutes to watch this YouTube video and give spending your days on your laptop a second thought. Do something more productive.

Don’t only just waste your time scrolling through Facebook, re-blogging on Tumblr, scrolling through Instagram and re-tweeting Twitter posts. Don’t spend the majority of your day texting. – Put your mobile phone down for a while whilst watching that film with your family or significant other. You can’t engross yourself with your iPad whilst with a group of friends, spark an actual conversation and do something other than on your screen.

Spending way too much time with the latest technology goes towards how friendships and relationships turn to ruin. People that spend actual time together, giving eye-contact, laughing together, making real memories and not ‘together’ will benefit more.

I hope everyone that comes across my post takes this into consideration.


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