Father’s Day – A lemon and sultana wheat-free farmhouse cake

Well Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all you Father’s/Daddies/Pa’s/Grandfather’s/Step-Dad’s/Any Father figure out there.

The gifts have been given to our Dad from myself and my Brother and the mini cakes have been baked and tasted.

Out of myself and my Brother, I’m the only one that can bake and not have the outcome of a cakey-mush-type-surprise! As my Dad has Coeliac Disease (allergic to gluten and wheat) he cannot have anything with wheat or gluten in, and has to extra careful and observant any time he consumes anything. When we go to restraunts, to a fast-food place, buy any groceries for our weekly food shop, he has to be careful and this has proven to be an absolute pain. He’s limited to gluten-free products on the shelves and has many times, had to check meat products to ensure they’re 100% meat and without any rusk/wheat ingredient. So when we have the time, or shall I say when my Mum has time, she makes him homemade cakes and loaves.


So I took my time, I really did. The effort was worth it. I made sure everything was precise, to the point and mixed well, baked enough, taken out carefully.

I used this recipe – http://bizandthebear.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/farmhouse-fruit-cake-essential.html

All I did was substitute the orange zest to lemon juice and used wheat-free white self raising flour instead of wheat flour. I also soaked the sultanas overnight, which seemed to better the results.

From seeing my Dad’s expression, they were yummy and most importantly, edible. The recipe I followed was definitely on point. The cakes came out browned on top but in the middle they were soft and fluffy!

So I hope that you guys have a fab Sunday, don’t eat too much chocolate and make pigs of yourselves! Carry on being those influential figures you are and be amazing.



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