Late night word activity time

I’ve just seen this useful, positive-thought-provoking word activity on

I love lists like this and I’m actually heading off to a (hopefully) deep slumber in around half an hour, so I think this sort of activity is the kind of thing we should all be doing, to get our minds in gear, to really think about what we want, what we’re feeling, put our mins at rest for a little while and to really get those words for how we feel, out there.
So here’s my go at it:

MAKING a list of things to do tomorrow.
COOKING farmhouse mini cakes for my wheat-intolerant Dad.
DRINKING quite a lot of water recently.
READING a thriller by Dean Koontz ‘Strangers’.
WANTING September to hurry up!
LOOKING towards my window, thinking how I should sleep.
PLAYING a lot of Madonna, Fall Out Boy and Faith No More. Currently ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ by Mads.
WASTING my time, browsing the internet, endlessly.
SEWING nothing. I wish I could sew. I’m sure I could if I tried.
WISHING I could afford my own place in the next year.
ENJOYING the nostalgia that is being provided by Spotify.
WAITING for tomorrow. Seeing my guy.
LIKING that September is getting closer.
WONDERING if I’ll ever get good at budgeting.
LOVING my intense interest in blogging recently.
HOPING to spend more time in the real world.
MARVELLING at how others are actually more indecisive than myself. Shockingly.
NEEDING time with Luke.
SMELLING something but not sure what…
WEARING comfortable clothing.
FOLLOWING my head, more and more.
NOTICING how my confidence is on the up.
KNOWING that everything is fab!
THINKING about food and beautiful things, always.
BOOKMARKING lots of blogs.
OPENING possibilities.
GIGGLING at my cute Niece this afternoon.
FEELING excited for tomorrow to having milkshakes with my Brother, Mother and Grandma and then travelling to see my handsome guy.

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