Personal Posting time

Working a fair amount has been what I’ve been doing since this Wednesday just gone and the Wednesday coming, but it’s the money that I’m saving up in my pocket that is the main focus. Seven days on the trot isn’t so bad. I’ve never actually worked seven days in a row, too. My very first time.

Well I’ve not had much time for many things, all I’ve been doing really is getting up, going to work, travelling back, not wanting to speak to anyone, to not socialise and to just pop on Netflix and relax. – It’s exciting because I finally decided to jump on the Orphan Black bandwagon! I’m addicted and now in just three days I’m on Season Two, Episode Five.
If anyone is a fan, I hope you’re rooting for Cosima (The Lab Geek) she’s definitely my favourite and of course… Alison (The Dainty Alcoholic).
If you’re even thinking slightly of watching the series, then I’d say… DO IT.
The reasons why you should…
1) Clones
2) Dark comedy
3) Tatiana, the greatest actress
4) Helena the Ukrainian
5) The many plot twists


So… Other than fangirling over and binging Orphan Black, I’ve just been working, sleeping and keeping myself alive.

Tomorrow, I’m going to watch my Mum sing and practice at her Choir practice. I’ve not been before and it’ll be lovely to see her in her moment! It’s a rock choir group. Super excited.

I cannot wait for Wednesday after I’ve finished work for the week, I’ll be going to see the boyfriend for the last few days in his University situated city at their house, forever. Memories have been created with and without me at that house. I’ve experienced moments in that house since November 2013, last year. Every moment has been amazing and significant.
From then on, he’ll be moving back to his home-town and we’ll be visiting each other over there and over at mine and definitely in-between the two locations, also. It’ll be slightly difficult at first, but we’ll keep it going as we have.

SO, bring on Wednesday.
Listening to: The Civil Wars // Dance Me to the End of Love





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