A Moody-Money Month

This upcoming month is going to suck so hard for me.

I’ve just received my much needed payslip from work for what I’ll be getting paid, it’s very low. I had a feeling it’d be lower than usual but not this low.

I’m visiting London in six days and I’m going to be scraped for money, having to be careful. Spending on myself, in terms of buying myself coffees out, adding to my wardrobe and lipstick collection, going out to the cinema, going out with friends or going out for dinner with the boyfriend… These luxuries are going to have to be kept on hold up until the end of July, now.
For me, this sucks hella’ bad.

I’m also saving for College, so that’s more money taken from my pay added to my savings.

Money to get to work…. Travel cost for London and to feed myself when over there, as well as the Music Festival we’re attending.

Anybody else in the same boat as myself?


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