London in sight

The previous weekend myself, my boyfriend and our friend/his (recently old) house-mate went to London together for the whole weekend to have some Southern fun. We went originally to attend the British Summertime Festival July 4th gig that presented Faith No More, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Motorhead, Soulfly and many more acts.
It wasn’t just the gig we went to though… We had the opportunity to visit the National History Museum, The Science Museum, then to the Victoria and Albert Museum, all in the South Kensington area, before having a last beer before the long coach back home.
We went to a few pubs, namely The Ice Wharf in Camden Town, which happened to be one of the best Wetherspoon pubs I’ve gone to in the UK. It was well presented, the waterfront was so impressive and it was just a beautiful day in terms of weather. By passers on the waterfront going by on gondolas, a girl passing by with her pet ferret, just an overall pleasant Wetherspoon pub.

I’d say these were the highlights of the stay:

  • Going to the museums
  • Walking through Hyde Park
  • The Rock bar in Camden Town, The Worlds End pub and it’s greatness
  • Camden Town, of course
  • Staying at the Meininger Hotel
  • Faith No More’s presence
  • The cheap breakfast sandwich shop
  • Experiencing the tube travel system
  • The whole range of fashion/people
  • Hearing the variation of accents
  • The dinosaur exhibition experience
  • Walking around London
  • Jezz getting stuck for a few minutes at the underground
  • The easiness of navigating around London

Overall I just had this belief that London is where I want to be, it just comes across as completely different when talking about atmosphere and experience. It’s definitely the place I want to be living, in five years time. Both myself and my Boyfriend have agreed, we will definitely be living here.
I’ll be working (hopefully) in a top Salon or whatever I’ll want to do then and he’ll be doing what he wants to do at the time.  We can imagine ourselves there, happily. It’s much better than living where we both live currently. Easier to navigate, more to do, places to go, foods to try out, more environmentally friendly, picturesque, cultural.
The East Midlands doesn’t have anything compared to London!
That is the ugly truth. 


Listening to: Weezer // Island In The Sun


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