It’s all go from here.

I have been SO, so busy.

With starting college two weeks ago, being at work and starting my salon placement at Toni & Guy, then fitting in time to do research, spending time with my family and Luke, I’ve not had much time for actual relaxing time.
Yes there’s been a lot of getting-home-and-crashing as I’m not used to this busy lifestyle.

I wouldn’t change it for anything yet though, I’m happy with how everything is going.

I’m going to try and write on here more often as I was before, but I can’t promise anything! I’m sure what I’ve said above confirms my absence on here, aha.

Though it doesn’t explain the reason for not being on here since July… Well I’ve been spending as much time with Luke as I can and my family, getting things ready to start my course, like getting my kit together, sorting finances out. Also, working a lot and then getting some reading and TV series watched before I can barely do anything like read my favourites and watch all of the awesome series. The Sims 4 has just been released too, around three weeks ago. I’ve been overdosing on that! Damn you Maxis/EA.



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