Happy One Year for me and the bear

1533848_10152602854622946_1074047440942554024_nIt has been a year together for me and this chap. A year ago, 16th November 2013. How a year has flown by!
We have created so many memories, I’ve gotten to know him so well and vice versa. Life has definitely been on the up since being with him. He has been the link to my chain of confidence, by giving me his belief in me and his love for me. It’s so amazing to be able to discuss the future, our future, with someone and not feel like it is just an artificial relationship. We are in sync with each other.
I could go on about him and say so much, but I won’t go on and bore you readers.

Just know that I’m in love with this guy and it has been the best year together and if I could change anything, I wouldn’t. Every memory has been on point. I can’t see myself with anybody else other than this sucker.

I can’t wait to continue this love we have for each other.

Other than this guy and my excitement for us both, I had my 23rd birthday weekend very shortly after writing the previous post on here.
Me and Luke spent my birthday in Leicester, went for dinner, accompanied by lots of wine and chilling. He bought me my Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel (series eight). Firstly, I do need to finish watching Wheedon’s last few series before I begin the novel. I have so much on, that it’s been hard to read even the other graphic novels Luke lent to me back in the Summer.
But yes, we had a very indulgent weekend, brunch at our favourite Italian cafe, Carluccio’s, then dined at Ed’s Diner (if you don’t know of this place, it’s quite a large chain that is… hence the name ‘Diner’, American.) I had to give in and have two milkshakes, they’re so good!

10706838_943812118982165_2142119499_n 917182_915375331823264_672776818_n 10691767_353659734797514_1855902417_n

College and the hairstyling has been great! I’ve been signed off for a few of my assignments and am currently doing some research now and an assignment, as it’s my day off from work and college, thank god! Need a day off.
This week is going to be mega hectic for me, having both college and work tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, work on Friday and Saturday, too.

These are some examples of what I’ve been doing on my hair blocks:

10735030_566263916808773_428966147_n 10748498_676301389152492_47925810_n


The top image is the smooth blow dry from the ascending one length cut I did. The second being a violet toned quasi I applied for practice that merges with the natural brown tones of the block. Finished with a soft, curled style.

So yes, I’ve been busy and doing fantabulous since I last posted!

Hope you all have a great week!


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