Potato Biryani Tagine


Good morning guys.
I’m quite busy today, I have the boyfriend coming over for a few days and have some tidying jobs to do as well as prepare dinner for tonight for us both!

So the first picture I’ve put up is of the chamfort style I finished last night. I did the cut the other week whilst at college, it’s a long chamfort bob, and last night after dinner I washed and blow dried it into the style it should be presented in. I think it looks okay? Also I added some deep reds and orange sliced tones into the hair. I do think it came out well.

VegetableTagineAnd here is what I’m currently preparing for myself and the bear.

A potato biryani slow cooked in the tagine.

Here is the recipe I’m using as a slight guideline: http://moroccanfood.about.com/od/beeflambandgoatrecipes/r/tagine_meat_potatoes.htm

I’m going to be doing my own recipe but slightly following this chosen recipe as I’ve not actually used a tagine before and it’s been lying there on the kitchen windowsill waiting to be used by the likes of me. I know my Mother has used it a fair few times but I’ve not had the chance and now is my chance. Also my chance to show off my many cooking skills to Luke!

I’m using potato in place of the meat, also rice too. I’m serving it with herbed naan bread and I’m hoping he will get us a glass of wine each to have with the dinner.

I can’t wait to get it finished and I’ll no doubt take a picture to add to this entry.

I hope that you use and enjoy this Moroccan recipe, it sounds extra yummy and for the winter, it’s perfect!


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