Quite the journey

I’ve been so busy, once again, as always. I apologise for my absence on here!

Work, college, travel and the other half, all together as a combination, eat up my time. I’m lucky though to have such a understanding and handsome guy by my side, that makes me feel as sane as I can be. My family have helped a great amount too.

There’s been a range of ups and downs since I did post last:

The one main factor I’ll be throwing out here is Hairdressing and how I’m getting on with that aspect of my life.
Currently, it’s going beautifully. Just not as beautifully as you could imagine.
I’ve had some struggles and some highlights. I’ve learnt and a lot and then other days have finished and I feel I’ve not learnt a single piece of information.
I’ve passed every single theory exam (bar one) and achieved top grading (distinctions) for things I didn’t expect I would, making me a happy lassy. However there’s practical assignments that I have yet to be marked on, and those particular ones are the hardest for me at this moment in time.
We only have six weeks until our class completes the course! It’s all stressful, but the fun kind of stress.

I got myself my first interview at a salon; It’s a super quirky, medium-sized, trendy and inspirational salon based in Nottingham. I aced the interview (which happened to turn out to be the most unique and fun interview I’ve had of my many interviews!), ended up doing the most fun-filled, challenging trial ever
Then I receive a callback for another trial in the Loughborough based salon of there’s. For some bazaar reason, when I’d finished at the second trial, I knew myself that I hadn’t gotten the job.

The day after I receive a gut-wrenching email, explaining that I’d not got the place but I was actually very close to getting the position. I immediately asked the salon HR that emailed me, for some advice, I got the advice. It was heartwarming.

So yes, this event got me down for around a week. I was disappointed in myself and felt almost useless. I considered giving my dream up and going into Admin/HR, give up on the career path I’d chosen.
I knew this would be too much; my family, especially my Mum and also Luke helped me see this, clearly. Thank god for them! 

I picked myself up from this messy, emotional and self-pitying lump and put my confident, self-motivated head on and chose not to give up.
I’m so glad I did this.

A few points:

  1. You certainly have knock-backs before you get the job you want.
  2. Those that truly love you are there for you, through thick AND thin.
  3. Challenge yourself.
  4. Don’t be a quitter.

PicMonkey Collage2

Then there’s myself and Luke:
Our togetherness is just as amazing as it always has been.
I’m never been so happy and felt so special to be with someone, ever in my life.
He treats me so lovely that it scares me sometimes.
He is great at giving me these pictures in my mind of what I could be, be it next week, next year or five years down the line. He’s been helping me a lot these past few months, even with him being so busy with his own new job.

PicMonkey Collage3

So i’m on my journey to going UP. Not down or backwards.

I’m using the best of my abilities to finish this college course, gain my confidence in my skills, earn money and save all at the same time. And I know I can do this. I’m just not going to GIVE UP.

PicMonkey Collage

Things that I’m happy about since my previous post:

  • Luke’s new job: I’m happy that he’s going forward, earning well earned money as a Graphic Designer. We’re both pleasantly surprised at how quickly he obtained a Graduate job.
  • My Brother getting his first paid job, in IT at a woodworking company.
  • My improvement in my hair styling skills and my confidence.
  • This weekends plans and Luke’s birthday.
  • Ideas i’m coming up with.
  • Mine and Luke’s future plans.
  • LIFE. 

Also, if you’d like to help me out, I’m selling garments I no longer wear/have worn once and also selling/advertising my skills (digital art/photography/writing):

 https://www.fiverr.com/ckdepledge – Purchase my creative skills
http://www.vinted.co.uk/members/420241-ckdee – Buy that special piece of clothing you may need/desire.


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