Hair Show – End of Year Show

Fun was being had this past week. I’ve had the excitement of the hair show, getting ready for it and developing my skills in show work, perming, then getting a tip and a distinction for doing a client’s colour.

11295923_10153027313497946_4645547902794273304_nI love doing hair for shows, it’s so exciting to me. I love the busy nature of it, and making the person feel special. Making new found progress for the theme and seeing it walk down the walk for people to judge and see. I love the makeup application process, the deciding what the model will wear, and how they’ll pose and stand whilst showing the work.
11350585_10153029215492946_6053619336846306866_n 10665680_10153036397172946_9090570167677193691_n 14425_10153036397207946_4548040005406770055_n 11239691_10153036397252946_8664969115027031192_n 11351177_10153036397307946_6381181898278831820_n 10527570_10153036397442946_2817517729661666753_n 11139954_10153036397527946_4032319178219375265_n 11377339_10153036397567946_6454323599668837346_n 11067504_10153036397707946_4974081653765218340_n 11050842_10153036397742946_577217561436323751_n 11054480_10153036397817946_6472709432235135135_n 11261644_10153036398582946_7786978026603653340_n 11351227_10153036399797946_5169366475499270620_n 11025960_10153036400432946_1505307558468463186_n 11377126_10153036401267946_8425242143067816172_n11263156_10153291287519166_4312325604609621325_n 10425412_10153013725052946_136426509099273468_n11013617_10153033426957946_730966899614818680_n 10422134_10153028901457946_6155259709932669256_n 11329851_10153045108877946_2275026698964340838_n

Other than the Final Hair Show, my weekend has been spectacular.
Luke had yesterday (Monday) off for Bank Holiday, so we had a longer weekend to spend together. We had the most relaxing weekend to date, but god did we make pigs of ourselves. Glutton. We made the cheesiest spaghetti and meatball plate ever, made the sickliest (Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda ) inspired cake. Then many more foods and drinks.

We had fun though, don’t get me wrong at all.

We watched the Eurovision Song Contest, played FarCry together, I sucked at it. You wouldn’t need to know me to know that I’m god awful at shooting games.

He went back yesterday evening. Cannot wait for his return on Friday eve. Weekends are the time I look forward to the most, seeing that cheeky face.

I hope you all have a special week!


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