The Life of MMORPG’s: Mainly a story of Ultima Online

UntitledMMORPG’s are slowly disintegrating. This makes me so, so sad.

Today I’ve been researching different MMORPG’s from the 1990’s to present. Not deeply researching, but seeing what other games are about and what they offer the players.

The ones I’ve played before:
Ultima Online (First MMORPG, bacn when I was nine years old. I still play it today.)
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars 2
Final Fantasy Online

I’ve come across some great games, that I’ve never even played before:
Rift (Currently downloading.)
Eve Online (A more Scifi based MMORPG.)
The Repopulation
ArcheAge (I wish my laptop had better specs to run it and play!)
Shroud of the Avatar (Producers of Ultima Online, hell to the yes.)
Mabinogi (An Asian based cutesy but all the same looks appealing, sort of game.)

I’m quite gutted that I can’t play World of Warcraft, Tera, Final Fantasy or GW2 on my laptop. I did get tio play them on my Brother’s gaming computer for a while though, I still have the characters. I’d recommend Final Fantasy and Tera for sure.

If there’s any of my readers here that don’t know of, haven’t played or never even heard of Ultima Online; It was released in 1997. It’s had it’s furthere developments and expansion packs.. but the Second Age, was the best out of them all, in my opinion.
Ultima Online sets you up with your character, male or female. You create your name, it can be whatever you wish it to be (I’d hope you wouldn’t be vulgar with the name choice).
You decide whatbase skills you’d like for the character, these are:
Blacksmith, Warrior, Mage, Archer, there’s so much more, like I said, these are just the base templates.
You can makew your own template: You have your crafting skills (my preference) like your tailoring, mining, lumberjack, cooking, blacksmithing, fishing and many more.
Your other skills: Scribing, anatomy, potion making, magic book crafts, musicianship, taming, hiding and stealth, animal lore, camping, and more.
Then your combat skills: archery, paladin, wrestling, swordsmanship, necromancer, mage, healer, fencing.

Then, the majoirty of the time (depending on what shard you choose to play) you will choose where you want to start off (example, the towns): Britianna, Yew, Moonglow, Minoc, Skara Brae, Luna, Ilshanaer. Each town has its own upside depending on what your profession/skills are or where you just want to settle and build your house (yes there’s housing, too.)
So, you’re placed into the chosen town, you then are equipped with your starter items. Again, it all depends on what shard you play (if it’s a cheat shard or an original shard) and your profession. Your character will be started off with normally, 500g (gold), a dagger (has many uses: skinning material, making kidling from trees etc), an empty book, a candle and some clothing. The absiolute basics.
Your’re then left to it, and can explore the world, be a terror and try and kill other players (PVP/Player killer), start making money by upping your skill in your craft, slay monsters, help other players and join together to empty dungeons, or… steal.

Okay, so that’s the basics of starting off.
Here are my favourite attributes of U.O:

The playerbase
Creating and joining guilds/Guild wars
Having my own house/castle
Crafting my own equipment (Clothing, weapons, food and selling).
Being able to buy a ship
The choice of crafting skills
The storyline if you want to follow the roleplaying side of it
How friendly it is/funny things can turn out
The banking system
Being able to create own shard/work for a shard as GM/Admin

I’ll forever love U.O! You guys who haven’t played it, should have a crack at it, here’s some vital links:

Downloading the game:

  1. To load the game, you need to download either UOS or Razor. So search on your chosen search engine!
  2. Then you will have to look for a shard URL and port code, so you’d search on your search engine for ‘Top Ultima Online shards’ then choose. Obviously, the most popular will be the best, you’ll want others players to be on, plenty of, otherwise, it can get pretty lonely on there.
  3. Make sure the client updates properly.
  4. You can either join the free shards or join U.O on their official website free, for 14 days, as a trial.

So, I hope you do join!
Also, is there anyone out there reading this, that does plau Ultima Online or used to? OR, recommend some MMORPG’s that you love to play and think I’d like to try out.
Comment under the post and I’d love to chat to likeminded MMORPG lovers!


11410711_740421166067341_765688959_n(Ultima Online – UOGamers: Hybrid shard)


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