Lazy Girl Curly Pony Tutorial

SECOND TUTORIAL OF MINE! Now available to watch on my channel. If you subscribe, you’ll be able to see updates on my channel and anything I post.

It’s one for the ‘lazy girls’ out there… Let me explain it a little:
I’m a lazy girl. There’s lazy girls all over the planet. We are the best girls out there. We cannot be a**ed to be. We are the ones with the messy buns, the quick application of mascara and slick of lipstick and we’re on the move, onto our adventures. We’re mostly late. We just want to sit in our pajamas with our partner’s or our pets (if you have them) and go online and order Pizza or pick up some confetti sprinkled doughnuts from the nearest supermarket. We don’t want to exercise, even if we know we should fit it into our daily routine.

We just don’t want to!

So that’s the perfect picture I’ve painted, which I think describes on point, what the ‘lazy girl‘ is in definition.

We love to rock the messy bun, wild hair or just do a quick curl here and there.
That’s what I’m giving you in my video. To add a little somethin’ something to you ponytails.

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ALSO, my business cards that I designed, have arrived, finally!
It came with a silver business card holder/protector and the proportions are just perfect for how I envisioned them to come out. Super happy with them and can’t wait to start handing them out to people.


Have an amazing Thursday/Friday!


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