Younique Cruelty Free Makeup Brand



I’m a big, huge, passionate lover of the creative life and everyone should love what they do!

My examples of my oh so creative life:

  • Hairstyling, that’s a career I’ve just embarked on
  • Started embracing my creative flair and painting glass, making jewelry
  • Recently became a YouTuber and started with tutorials (hair/makeup/style)
  • Photography, gosh I love it! I’ve been doing this since I was about fourteen. (?)
  • I attempt to journal now and again
  • Scrap-booking (another now-and-again hobby.)

SO, I’ve taken myself on board with the Younique makeup team:
They do their outright best to be cruelty-free, gluten-free and cater as vegan, but most definitely inspirational, wide ranged, ambitious and a free spoken brand.


From a glossy lip look, matte lip stains, to pigment powders to customise your looks, to all of the brushes you need and our most demanded and most popular product from the formation of the company to this current day: the Moodstruck  3D Fiber Lash Mascara!




These are just a very few select option of examples I’ve chosen for you guys to look at.

In the next coming two weeks, I’ll have tutorials, both in the magical form of collage/YouTube videos on my channel showing you what you can achieve, from natural looks to a glamorous, evening look or something a bit more grunge inspired… It’s totally up to you!
If you leave me lots of feedback and comment on my tutorials, it’d be GREAT, as then I can take the idea you’ve put out there and do it for you, so to make life a LITTLE BIT easier for you and to save you time. 

As soon as I get my presenting kit, I’ll be able to gather everyone’s orders on my majestic online Younique personal account and post your goodies OR, if you join my Facebook group, you can ask me via comment or messenger.

You can send me an email:

But for now, I’ll record and pen what you’d like to get yourself to treat yo’ self in my journal/notepad/pad/little black book… whatever you guys call it!

SooOoo, don’t forget to:

Adios my lovelies, and goodnight. (It’s always late evening somewhere in the world!)
Yours truly, Coral xoxo


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