Life seems to change a lot sometimes…

I’ll upload more as weeks go by. I promise.
I very rarely post here, the reason why is that since I last posted:
I left my job at B&Q and from my second year of hairdressing. I’d started to see a therapist and learn mindfulness and practice it myself. Depression/Anxiety sucks arse, but so is life and for some of us here, we do have mental health problems that come along or it’s been there but without you being aware of it.
Why I’ve explained the mental health now? Basically, I have my passions, I’ll get interested in something and then come back to it months down the line, or a year later. I have times where I lose interest in the things I loved (not literally all… just that I lose touch of what I like doing in my spare time, hobbies, taking care of myself, spending time with others, some of these moments, I would much rather be here on my own.)
I do know that I’m explaining this in a very dark light.. (I believe I am… hah), but it’s how I get this mental health stuff out to those I know. Most don’t understand it, unfortunatly.
Everyone should be aware of it, so when the time comes for them when it may get difficult up in that place, they’ll be more prepared to rid of those thoughts and feelings.
NOW, however… I am brilliant! I’m currently a Business Admin at the company I helped fill in for one Thursday in the Summer. I’d never done any office work before and as I was looking for a job… I took a chance and applied to their latest Apprentice spot, got an interview and got myself the job.
I’ve been there since mid December, basically four months now, and I wouldn’t change it for the world at this moment. I’ve gotten myself into this routine, with joining the gym in town, too.
Then I have my weekends together.
So much do I look for the weekends!
If it hadn’t been for the choosing to leave B&Q and studying hairdressing, for having the confidence to make those decisions and ‘start again’, for getting the help I knew I had needed for quite a few years now, for going into something so new and challenging, I wouldn’t be how I am now and who I am now.
I’m not saying everything is perfect. Nothing is really ‘perfect’, as cliche as that may sound.
I have those days when I feel bizarre in my own body, my mind doesn’t have the happiness it did say… five days ago. Last week I could’ve been feeling so confidently about myself and loved with every ounce of my heart. Excelling in work and bossing the day.
Days where I’m one place and another place hours later.
But, the most important thing is that I am ever so slightly, better at controlling my negative mind and the anxiousness I feel and the physical side effects that come with it.
I can now see patterns and sort of plan to take extra care of myself so to make the ride easier that week when my mind does shout at me. (Not literally!)
I love better, my relationship with my family is stronger, I see myself in a lighter way, I have interest in things again, I wanna go places more than usual, more intrigued and definitely better at communicating my feelings and thoughts.

Okay, time to wind down and sleep ready for the early morning, 6am wake-up call.
More gym time tomorrow, warm-up, CARDIO and COOOL down. Slow and steady wins the race. (I’m a sloth, really…)

I’ll make sure that I do come back and post more content. XOXO


Younique Moodstruck Mascara Love

younique-mascara-review-and-tutorial Be-Unique-Beauty
Right guys, before I get on with this day’s post… I’m going to share this beautiful lady with you guys, she’s a fellow redhead and blogger!

She’s been using the Moodstruck Fiber Lash+ Mascara and absolutely adores it. I want you to see how impressive the new mascara stick is and how easily and effortlessly it is applied on an every day basis.

BeFunky Collageblog

It’s been a very lazy girl day for me.

All I’ve done is do a little networking on Twitter, do some work for Younique and mess around on the internet. Sat on my little butt, listening to Planet Rock and talking with my Mr as he’s had the day off, being ill and what not. Bless his furry face.

Oh, I also applied to some Apprenticeships and some courses for Hairstyling and Beauty. I’m wanting to do both. I can see it being SO much fun, useful and relevant to what I adore.
Tomorrow is my day at work, and I hope that when I arrive home to relax after, Mr Postman will have been and my things will have arrived.

Let’s hope! Cross my fingers and toes.

Have a happy Monday! xoxo

I now have a selling profile and you can order through me!

Hello and afternoon! xoxo

I can NOW start taking your orders:

There’s a totally special sparkling offer on the trio pigment set! 
It includes two pigment shades and a liner/shade brush. Originally the shades were £36 but you can now get them with the July kudos at… £25! 

So get on my page, don’t be shy, join my party and get ordering that gift for yourself today! 

Message/comment me for any extra details, be it ingredients, tips, how you can use them and how to clean brushes, to deliveries and any other information on other products.
11357573_1159126220779955_1798032551_n ript-treat-yo-self-samhume

Younique Cruelty Free Makeup Brand



I’m a big, huge, passionate lover of the creative life and everyone should love what they do!

My examples of my oh so creative life:

  • Hairstyling, that’s a career I’ve just embarked on
  • Started embracing my creative flair and painting glass, making jewelry
  • Recently became a YouTuber and started with tutorials (hair/makeup/style)
  • Photography, gosh I love it! I’ve been doing this since I was about fourteen. (?)
  • I attempt to journal now and again
  • Scrap-booking (another now-and-again hobby.)

SO, I’ve taken myself on board with the Younique makeup team:
They do their outright best to be cruelty-free, gluten-free and cater as vegan, but most definitely inspirational, wide ranged, ambitious and a free spoken brand.


From a glossy lip look, matte lip stains, to pigment powders to customise your looks, to all of the brushes you need and our most demanded and most popular product from the formation of the company to this current day: the Moodstruck  3D Fiber Lash Mascara!




These are just a very few select option of examples I’ve chosen for you guys to look at.

In the next coming two weeks, I’ll have tutorials, both in the magical form of collage/YouTube videos on my channel showing you what you can achieve, from natural looks to a glamorous, evening look or something a bit more grunge inspired… It’s totally up to you!
If you leave me lots of feedback and comment on my tutorials, it’d be GREAT, as then I can take the idea you’ve put out there and do it for you, so to make life a LITTLE BIT easier for you and to save you time. 

As soon as I get my presenting kit, I’ll be able to gather everyone’s orders on my majestic online Younique personal account and post your goodies OR, if you join my Facebook group, you can ask me via comment or messenger.

You can send me an email:

But for now, I’ll record and pen what you’d like to get yourself to treat yo’ self in my journal/notepad/pad/little black book… whatever you guys call it!

SooOoo, don’t forget to:

Adios my lovelies, and goodnight. (It’s always late evening somewhere in the world!)
Yours truly, Coral xoxo

Lazy Girl Curly Pony Tutorial

SECOND TUTORIAL OF MINE! Now available to watch on my channel. If you subscribe, you’ll be able to see updates on my channel and anything I post.

It’s one for the ‘lazy girls’ out there… Let me explain it a little:
I’m a lazy girl. There’s lazy girls all over the planet. We are the best girls out there. We cannot be a**ed to be. We are the ones with the messy buns, the quick application of mascara and slick of lipstick and we’re on the move, onto our adventures. We’re mostly late. We just want to sit in our pajamas with our partner’s or our pets (if you have them) and go online and order Pizza or pick up some confetti sprinkled doughnuts from the nearest supermarket. We don’t want to exercise, even if we know we should fit it into our daily routine.

We just don’t want to!

So that’s the perfect picture I’ve painted, which I think describes on point, what the ‘lazy girl‘ is in definition.

We love to rock the messy bun, wild hair or just do a quick curl here and there.
That’s what I’m giving you in my video. To add a little somethin’ something to you ponytails.

Remember to subscribe to get the latest, and to comment and give me any tips or love.


ALSO, my business cards that I designed, have arrived, finally!
It came with a silver business card holder/protector and the proportions are just perfect for how I envisioned them to come out. Super happy with them and can’t wait to start handing them out to people.


Have an amazing Thursday/Friday!

My first YouTube video: Quick and Easy Bun Tutorial

Who knows why I recorded this. I blame Jenny from my work place! But because I blog and do hairstyling and am starting my appointments off this week, I thought it’d be the perfect oppurtunity to do this.

Now you, my fellows readers, can put the name to the face.

This is me. Yes, I sound silly, I’m not great with words, but I am now here, on YouTube to give people easy tutorials and makeup tips, and the imaginable and inevitable: Anything on hair, styling, makeup and sometimes gaming/my crafts.

So, enjoy my first tutorial and please, please leave me a comment, to give me feedback. I want to become a better YouTuber and blogger and all in all, craftswoman.

The Life of MMORPG’s: Mainly a story of Ultima Online

UntitledMMORPG’s are slowly disintegrating. This makes me so, so sad.

Today I’ve been researching different MMORPG’s from the 1990’s to present. Not deeply researching, but seeing what other games are about and what they offer the players.

The ones I’ve played before:
Ultima Online (First MMORPG, bacn when I was nine years old. I still play it today.)
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars 2
Final Fantasy Online

I’ve come across some great games, that I’ve never even played before:
Rift (Currently downloading.)
Eve Online (A more Scifi based MMORPG.)
The Repopulation
ArcheAge (I wish my laptop had better specs to run it and play!)
Shroud of the Avatar (Producers of Ultima Online, hell to the yes.)
Mabinogi (An Asian based cutesy but all the same looks appealing, sort of game.)

I’m quite gutted that I can’t play World of Warcraft, Tera, Final Fantasy or GW2 on my laptop. I did get tio play them on my Brother’s gaming computer for a while though, I still have the characters. I’d recommend Final Fantasy and Tera for sure.

If there’s any of my readers here that don’t know of, haven’t played or never even heard of Ultima Online; It was released in 1997. It’s had it’s furthere developments and expansion packs.. but the Second Age, was the best out of them all, in my opinion.
Ultima Online sets you up with your character, male or female. You create your name, it can be whatever you wish it to be (I’d hope you wouldn’t be vulgar with the name choice).
You decide whatbase skills you’d like for the character, these are:
Blacksmith, Warrior, Mage, Archer, there’s so much more, like I said, these are just the base templates.
You can makew your own template: You have your crafting skills (my preference) like your tailoring, mining, lumberjack, cooking, blacksmithing, fishing and many more.
Your other skills: Scribing, anatomy, potion making, magic book crafts, musicianship, taming, hiding and stealth, animal lore, camping, and more.
Then your combat skills: archery, paladin, wrestling, swordsmanship, necromancer, mage, healer, fencing.

Then, the majoirty of the time (depending on what shard you choose to play) you will choose where you want to start off (example, the towns): Britianna, Yew, Moonglow, Minoc, Skara Brae, Luna, Ilshanaer. Each town has its own upside depending on what your profession/skills are or where you just want to settle and build your house (yes there’s housing, too.)
So, you’re placed into the chosen town, you then are equipped with your starter items. Again, it all depends on what shard you play (if it’s a cheat shard or an original shard) and your profession. Your character will be started off with normally, 500g (gold), a dagger (has many uses: skinning material, making kidling from trees etc), an empty book, a candle and some clothing. The absiolute basics.
Your’re then left to it, and can explore the world, be a terror and try and kill other players (PVP/Player killer), start making money by upping your skill in your craft, slay monsters, help other players and join together to empty dungeons, or… steal.

Okay, so that’s the basics of starting off.
Here are my favourite attributes of U.O:

The playerbase
Creating and joining guilds/Guild wars
Having my own house/castle
Crafting my own equipment (Clothing, weapons, food and selling).
Being able to buy a ship
The choice of crafting skills
The storyline if you want to follow the roleplaying side of it
How friendly it is/funny things can turn out
The banking system
Being able to create own shard/work for a shard as GM/Admin

I’ll forever love U.O! You guys who haven’t played it, should have a crack at it, here’s some vital links:

Downloading the game:

  1. To load the game, you need to download either UOS or Razor. So search on your chosen search engine!
  2. Then you will have to look for a shard URL and port code, so you’d search on your search engine for ‘Top Ultima Online shards’ then choose. Obviously, the most popular will be the best, you’ll want others players to be on, plenty of, otherwise, it can get pretty lonely on there.
  3. Make sure the client updates properly.
  4. You can either join the free shards or join U.O on their official website free, for 14 days, as a trial.

So, I hope you do join!
Also, is there anyone out there reading this, that does plau Ultima Online or used to? OR, recommend some MMORPG’s that you love to play and think I’d like to try out.
Comment under the post and I’d love to chat to likeminded MMORPG lovers!


11410711_740421166067341_765688959_n(Ultima Online – UOGamers: Hybrid shard)

Hair Show – End of Year Show

Fun was being had this past week. I’ve had the excitement of the hair show, getting ready for it and developing my skills in show work, perming, then getting a tip and a distinction for doing a client’s colour.

11295923_10153027313497946_4645547902794273304_nI love doing hair for shows, it’s so exciting to me. I love the busy nature of it, and making the person feel special. Making new found progress for the theme and seeing it walk down the walk for people to judge and see. I love the makeup application process, the deciding what the model will wear, and how they’ll pose and stand whilst showing the work.
11350585_10153029215492946_6053619336846306866_n 10665680_10153036397172946_9090570167677193691_n 14425_10153036397207946_4548040005406770055_n 11239691_10153036397252946_8664969115027031192_n 11351177_10153036397307946_6381181898278831820_n 10527570_10153036397442946_2817517729661666753_n 11139954_10153036397527946_4032319178219375265_n 11377339_10153036397567946_6454323599668837346_n 11067504_10153036397707946_4974081653765218340_n 11050842_10153036397742946_577217561436323751_n 11054480_10153036397817946_6472709432235135135_n 11261644_10153036398582946_7786978026603653340_n 11351227_10153036399797946_5169366475499270620_n 11025960_10153036400432946_1505307558468463186_n 11377126_10153036401267946_8425242143067816172_n11263156_10153291287519166_4312325604609621325_n 10425412_10153013725052946_136426509099273468_n11013617_10153033426957946_730966899614818680_n 10422134_10153028901457946_6155259709932669256_n 11329851_10153045108877946_2275026698964340838_n

Other than the Final Hair Show, my weekend has been spectacular.
Luke had yesterday (Monday) off for Bank Holiday, so we had a longer weekend to spend together. We had the most relaxing weekend to date, but god did we make pigs of ourselves. Glutton. We made the cheesiest spaghetti and meatball plate ever, made the sickliest (Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda ) inspired cake. Then many more foods and drinks.

We had fun though, don’t get me wrong at all.

We watched the Eurovision Song Contest, played FarCry together, I sucked at it. You wouldn’t need to know me to know that I’m god awful at shooting games.

He went back yesterday evening. Cannot wait for his return on Friday eve. Weekends are the time I look forward to the most, seeing that cheeky face.

I hope you all have a special week!